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The 32' Island Hopper

The EyeHooker Advantage

EyeHooker is not your ordinary Lake Erie Charter Boat.  It's a Custom Built 32' Island Hopper with all the upgrades designed for commercial operation.  It’s equipped with the best electronics, tackle and gear available.  The boat is always clean, organized, and meticulously maintained.  Captain Bill has been in business for over 25 years, and he knows what it takes to provide clients with a superior fishing experience regardless of weather conditions.

When choosing a fishing charter, the boat and the equipment should be a critical part of your decision.  A fishing charter is a big expense, and Captain Bill understands there is more to operating a charter service than just getting the crew on the water: 

  • Will your crew feel safe and comfortable? 

  • Is the boat capable of getting to the fish quickly, so the time you spend to go fishing isn't used up in travel? 

  • Does the boat have the right gear on board to maximize your chances for a positive fishing experience? 

  • Is the boat nice enough for you to entertain clients?

It's VERY important to us that your fishing trip on Lake Erie exceeds your expectations.  Leave the details to the EyeHooker Team and give us a call today.  Let’s put some fish in the Cooler!!

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